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Lady Midnight- Cassandra Clare BOOK TALK

I'm so happy I finished this! This is my favourite Cassandra Clare by far! It was fast-paced, humorous and action-packed. The plot was executed effortlessly and I sped through it!
Lady Midnight follows the Shadowhunter world, five years after the Dark War. We follow Emma and Julian (parabatai) in the LA Institute. Murders are sweeping the city- including faeries as well as humans. Emma, Julian and co. must figure out this mystery whilst sorting through problems of their own- law breaking problems.
I would definitely recommend reading The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices before you get to this book because it will make a lot more sense and you'll understand a lot of the smaller and finer details- making the book even better! I'm sure reading The Shadowhunter Academy series made it better as well but I haven't read those books yet and it didn't spoil my enjoyment of Lady Midnight so it's not crucial for reading this instalment.
If you haven't already, please go read it- you will not regret it!

I was blown away by this book. This has, by far, been my favourite of the Shadowhunter Chronicles. As we already know everything to do with this Shadowhunter world, Cassie doesn't need to as much world building and can jump straight into the action which I love! World building is necessary in fantasy books but, to be honest, it can sometimes make the book drag. As this book needed none of this explanation, we could dive straight into the deep end.

I loved how we got to learn more about the history of parabatai. Parabatai are such an awesome aspect of this world and it was great to see Emma and Julian's ceremony. We got to learn more about why parabatai can't fall in love and it was all so interesting!
Half the characters in this book were Blackthorns. It was brilliant to see a massive Shadowhunter family and how they work together. Ty had to be my favourite of the Blackthorns (excluding Jules of course) because he was so cute! Ty was funny, adorable and endearing. I held my heart out to Livvy when he declined being parabatai with her (I would want him as a parabatai too).
Tavvy was also unbelievably cute and I love how all the siblings look up to Julian. They have such a nice relationship and it simply makes me burst with happiness.
Cristina was another new character that was introduced. From the beginning, I really liked her. Her friendship with Emma was lovely and I really think they would've been perfect parabatai for each other. (Something that may happen in the future hopefully...)
Talking of perfect...
Perfect Diego!
I liked Perfect Diego but didn't love him. We don't know too much about him yet and I haven't seen any amazing qualities just yet.
However, Perfect Diego has opened this whole new area of the shadowhunter world that we don't know about. I'm a bit hazy on all the details to do with the scholomance and the centurians but I'm sure we'll learn more about it as the books progress.         
I had very mixed feelings over Mark. On one hand, I'm quite suspicious of him and I don't trust him completely. During this book, he was a bit conflicted with where his loyalties lie. However, there were also some incredibly endearing and funny scenes of Mark. He does care about all the kids but I don't think he's cut out for baby-sitting yet... At least it made me laugh.
I was so taken aback when Kieran and Mark first kissed. I mean, I probably should have been expecting it but it was a big surprise to me. Now there's this whole Cristina vs Kieran debate. This is where I'm at on these ships: At first I liked Cristina, then I switched to Kieran and now I'm safely on neutral ground. All I know for sure is that I don't like Mark and Emma together!!! (But more on that later- let's not get ahead of ourselves).
Malcolm was a character that I instantly trusted. Cassie played me so well with this- and for a lot of people I think. We all assumed that he would be another amazing high warlock because of Magnus (not that he outshined Magnus) and Cassie knew it. I loved Malcolm through this book and that love was quickly diminished when we found out that he know...crazypants.
But something amazing about Cassie's villains is that they are so realistic and genuine. They don't do evil things just because their evil- they have a solid reason that the reader can understand and sometimes even sympathise with. And this has created some of the most interesting and complex villains of our generation.
We were introduced to this whole game of the Lottery and the Guardian. This was an interesting element but I can't say that it was the 'grip factor' that had me raring to read this book. Most of the time, I skimmed over these parts because I was mostly anticipating other plot lines.
On the very last page, we got the bombshell that Annabel was awakening. I don't know whether she'll be nice or evil but I'll put my bets on evil. She sure won't be happy when she finds out that Malcolm's dead...
I was so excited to find out that we have yet another Herondale!!! Kit was mentioned at the very beginning and then he went AWOL for roughly the first half. I always knew he would come back into the story somehow but I was not expecting that! I've heard that this also plays into the Shadowhunter Academy story The Lost Herondale but I haven't read them yet so... oh, well.
What I really want to know is how he got lost? How do you lose a Herondale!
And I think that the most important question is as follows: Will he have a duck phobia?!?!?!?!
I hope, for the sake of my sanity, that he does- it'd be the cutest thing.
Talking about the loss of sanity...
Seeing everyone again made my fangirl heart race like crazy. At every tiny mention of Clary, Jace and co. I got a massive smile on my face and went super fangirly. I'm not even sorry! Just seeing everyone made me so happy. It was lovely to see Tessa and Jem and Magnus and Alec and Clary and Jace and everyone else!!!! We get to see how happy everyone's life has turned out as everyone is together, getting married and having kids!
Sorry to turn all the happiness into a depressing thought but, naturally, as I was reading how happy everyone was, I thought of the one person that wasn't there with them. Will.
I started crying because it's just so unfair!!! Everyone is getting a happily ever after and where's Will??? He's the only one that isn't there and it made me so sad.
Now, as I've been kind of saving it to the last, let's talk about the main characters.
Julian. I loved Jules. It was as simple as that. When going into this book, I knew that I'd love him so it was no surprise when I fell head over heels. Jules is such a kind and devoted guy. He goes through so much and still manages to be the one that picks up all the pieces. He has a great relationship with his siblings and I adored this family-orientated aspect of the story.
And the other half of this amazing parabatai pairing was Emma. By the angel, Emma was so freaking awesome!!! She made me laugh from page one and she was such a sassy, out-going and kick-ass character. She's the definition of what a Shadowhunter should be and... I simply can't get over the sass levels in her!!!!
It was strange that Jules reminded me of Jem and Emma reminded me of Jace. They had so many similarities and it made the whole thing feel so nostalgic for me.
The whipping scene was a very intense and gripping scene but, at the same time, very predictable and obvious in an amusing way. Everyone wanted to take it instead of anyone else and it was a bit of a palava. I thought it was sweet that Jules and Emma wanted to do it for each other but I am glad that Emma sucked it up and took one for the team.
I was so surprised that Jules was the one that knew he was in love first. I naturally thought that Emma would be the one to instigate it all because she's the more reckless and risk-taker one. So, it shocked me when Jules ploughed straight ahead with all these feelings for her.
And I'm also so proud for guessing what Jules' private art room contained- even though it was pretty obvious. As soon as I heard that he had a private art room and that he 'never' painted Emma, I knew- I think we all did. Can I just say that Cassandra Clare pulled off this particular fact beautifully?!!! If anyone else had a secret and private shrine of the person they secretly love, it would be seen as stalker-ish and creepy. But, somehow, Jules manages to pull it off! He made it a romantic and loving gesture!!! It is truly beyond me.
And now, all I can think of is the ending!!! I can't believe that Emma is pulling a William Herondale! Pretending not to love them to protect them? To put them off loving you in order to save them? We've already been put through the pain of this once already, Cassandra Clare, why are you doing this to us again!? When reading the last section of this book, I completely lost my chill and I don't think I've got it back yet.
Emma's idea to lie about being with Mark is a terrible idea and she should not being doing it! I literally want to shake some common sense into her.
And, boy, I cannot deal with what Mark suggested. Just reading that one line- 'Why lie?'- had me jumping round like a crazy person. Cassandra Clare, what have you reduced me to?!?! Don't do it, Emma, I beg you!
*calming down*
So. Yeah. Basically, this was a bloody amazing book and I'm dying to read the next one.

Your thoughts? Thank you for reading this long overdue BOOK TALK and comment any of your thoughts on the book- I'd love to know I'm not the only one severely affected by this book. See you soon,
Chloe Herondale

I don't have many theories but want to get them down anyway so I can be victorious when I'm right and have proof of my triumph.
-Kit and Ty will be an item... I'm not sure but I am totally shipping it.
-Mark will find out why Emma wants to fake a relationship with him.
-Kieran will call for Mark's help in book 2
  Comment any theories you may have.

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