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When We Collided- Emery Lord BOOK TALK

This book was very unique, in my opinion, and strayed far from conventional 'love stories'. I found this refreshing and enjoyed the story overall. This book deals with very untouched subjects and I think it's important that books like these exist because it gives us an insight on how people live with these situations.
This story follows a boy called Jonah who has just lost his father. Him and his family are dealing with the after-effects of this tragedy. Enter Vivi. Vivi is an out-going and eccentric girl who is in love with life. When she catapults into Jonah's life things seem to be on the up for him and his family. But everyone goes through their own problems and sometimes it's deeper than initial appearances.
This story is definitely refreshing and I would most certainly recommend reading it.

When first into this story I was pleasantly surprised at the originality of the characters. I instantly warmed to them in different ways.

My first impression of Vivi was summed up into one word: Vibrant. I think that word describes her perfectly. I found her to be confident, out-going and positive and her bizarre and unconditional happiness rubbed off on me; she made me feel happier and more positive about life and I think that's a very powerful emotion to play across through a book.
Vivi is the exact opposite of me. Where her personality is loud and confident, outgoing and eccentric, mine is quiet, introverted and shy. I like reading people who are completely different to me because it lets me experience what life is like for other people.
And then there was Jonah. Jonah was honestly one of the sweetest guys I've ever read about! He was so sweet, helpful and a great listener. He took a great responsibility with such stride and he was great with his siblings, (who I thought were unbelievably cute, by the way. Especially Leah). He listened and helped Vivi with everything she went through. I mean... He made her lunches!!! Jonah is so hard working and he doesn't complain about it at all! I respect him so much for this when he also has to go through his own grieving over his dad. Plus, I picture him as quite attractive, so that's always a bonus. ;)
My perception changed dramatically of Vivi through out this book. And, yes, I understand what she goes through but there are still things that I didn't necessarily agree with. ( But I totally understand that some of these things she couldn't help).
There were times where she would treat Jonah as if he was a project or challenge that she had to win. I, personally, didn't like how this sounded because I ultimately didn't want Jonah to get hurt. He was fragile already with his dad's death and I didn't want Vivi to break him even more.
Another point would be that Vivi was a tad hypocritical. She gets so jealous when Jonah even talks to Ellie and yet she's out flirting and skinny dipping with other guys.
I also found her to be very controlling. She tended to take things into her own hands and would demand things. She told Jonah that he should re-decorate the patio outside the restaurant and throw her a birthday party- she practically ordered it. Jonah- bless him- did everything she asked with no complaint even if it was hard work for him.
But, as we got through the book, we got to understand why Vivi has these traits and why it's hard for her to understand what she's doing is wrong.
This is the first 'love story' that I've read where I didn't want the two characters to end up together and I appreciated this. I didn't think that they were a perfect fit and I think that they would eventually ruin eachother. They needed eachother and sometimes need covers itself with love. But they just weren't meant to be. I was happy with the ending.
This ending, I find, truly reflects life. Sometimes, you go into things with the best intentions but they don't work out. But that doesn't mean it's the end. More opportunities arise. It's okay if things don't work out- that's life.
Emery describes their relationship beautifully and I couldn't sum it up any better so I'll leave you with the quote.
"Maybe we're dying planets, Jonah, being drawn into the darkness. When we collided, we bounced each other back into orbit. And now we have to do that- we have to return to our own paths because that's what we gave each other."
Thanks for reading. What were your thoughts?
See you soon.
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