Sunday, 8 May 2016

Jennifer Lawrence Book Tag

1. Swearing off social media- A book you refuse to read?
Matched- Ally Condie
At one point, I was thinking about reading this trilogy but since then, I've heard so many bad reviews that I'm sort of put off reading it. It's not my top priority and I don't think I'll ever be getting to it.

2. The Oscar Trip- A book/series that hit a snag?
Hush, Hush series- Becca Fitzpatrick
When first reading this series, I loved it. But looking back now, I realise it's flaws. The series got worse throughout the series. Silence (the third book) was my least favourite and I really struggled to read that book. Sorry.

3. The viral TSwift photobomb at the Golden Globes- A book/series you didn't know would get so popular?
Throne of Glass- Sarah J Maas
This series has had a ton of hype recently and it's getting so popular! With two more books to come in the series, it's not too late to start. This series is an amazing high fantasy series that is beautifully written but, when first reading it, I had no idea that it would get so popular.

4. Work with David O. Russel- Dysfunctional character you can't help but love?
I feel like there are so many dysfunctional characters in literature that it's hard to chose. But the first person that comes into my head is Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter series. Bellatrix is a villain that I just love to hate and she's very much dysfunctional, in my opinion.

5. Mystique- A villain who thinks they're doing what's right?
David (Divergent- Veronica Roth)
Yes, this is kind of a boring choice but my mind has gone blank! Plus, I don't want to seriously spoil anyone so I went with a well-known series that practically everyone has read.

6. Bradley Cooper- What author do you find yourself always coming back to?
Sarah J Maas
Sarah is one of my favourite authors and I always read her books! She's such a talented author and I could forever read her books! They are flawless and are always stunning to read. Her worlds are so intricate and the amount of detail that she puts into them makes them so completely believable.

7. Spoiled for Homeland on national TV- A plot line you were spoiled for?
Mockingjay- Suzanne Collins
Two deaths... Two painful deaths that I was spoiled for!

8. The Hunger Games- Favourite high profile series?
Throne of Glass- Sarah J Mass (Again...sorry)
Apart from Harry Potter, this has to be my favourite high profile series. It's just so good!!! Please read it!

9. Everyone's obsession with being her best friend- A character who'd make your ultimate best friend?
Cath- Fangirl- Rainbow Rowell
I feel like a lot of people would say Cath but, honestly, she's just so relatable and I think we'd make really good friends. However, I would be jealous of her and Levi.... But I could live with that, I think...

10. Everything she's ever said- Favourite comedic/snarky character?
William Herondale- The Infernal Devices- Cassandra Clare
Everything he says is perfection. Complete and utter perfection.

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