Saturday, 28 May 2016

May Wrap Up 2016

I think I did pretty well with reading this month and, surprisingly, I didn't re-read any! I'm a big fan of re-reading books and usually re-read one or two a month. But, honestly, at the moment, there are so many books I need to read, I can't keep up. I also read a great range of genres which was really interesting.

The Book Thief- Markus Zusak
I finally got round to reading this book! If you haven't heard of this novel- have you been living under a rock?- it's a historical fiction story that follows a girl called Liesel and her experiences during World War Two. The story is narrated by Death which I found intriguing from the start and... I loved Death! His voice was very quirky and witty and he told the story beautifully. If you want to read my more in-depth thoughts check out my BOOK TALK here.

The Diary of a Young Girl- Anne Frank
I enjoyed this so much! I could relate to Anne in so many ways and she was nothing like I'd thought she would be. I thought she would be a quiet and shy, polite and obedient girl but boy, was she anything but! Anne was funny, sassy, stubborn and a joy to read. It still baffles me that she actually existed and it makes me really happy that she wrote down her thoughts. They are so deep and meaningful for a girl her age- a true inspiration!

We Were Collided- Emery Lord
This was an interesting novel that twists the conventions of a  normal 'love story'. I found it to be different, refreshing and a great read. This book follows Jonah and Vivi- two troubled teens going through completely different situations and the story is about their impact on each other's lives. Again, if you'd like to here more, I did a BOOK TALK on it so please check it out here.

Half Bad- Sally Green
This book was so good and the world was an amazing world to get into and learn about. This book is about Witches and the politics that take place in this world greatly reflect issues that we have in our own world too. Discrimination and equality are key parts and I find it interesting how Green has displayed her opinions on them through her corrupted society. BOOK TALK with more thoughts available here.

Winterkill- Kate A. Boorman
I've been reading this at school and I thought it was okay- nothing amazing. It had an interesting premise and I did like Emmeline as the protagonist and Kane was cool too. It was probably because I read it over a number of weeks but I never felt too invested in the plot and I didn't care too much for the characters. I would have enjoyed it more if I'd read it in one, I'm sure.

Half Wild- Sally Green
What a great sequel! I enjoyed this book just as much as the first! It was gripping, action packed and everything I wanted in this sequel. I'll have a BOOK TALK up soon, so stay in tune!

Half Lost- Sally Green
I finished this book as well and what a conclusion! It was fast-paced, thrilling and thoroughly entertaining! This is great trilogy and I'm so happy I finally picked it up! Again, a BOOK TALK will hopefully be up soon so keep your eyes peeled!

I'm really happy with what I've read this month and have plenty more amazing books to move onto.
Thanks for reading. See you soon,

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