Monday, 30 May 2016

Half Wild- Sally Green BOOK TALK

Oh, my freaking God, this book was good! It was a great sequel and did not suffer at all from 'the sequel's not as good' problem- if anything, I probably liked it more.
This fantasy is a fantastically written world full of witches, politics and action. If any of that sounds interesting, it's definitely one for you to pick on up.
Half Wild is the second book in the Half Bad trilogy so if you haven't read the first book I'd suggest leaving until you do... I've also written a Half Bad BOOK TALK which I'll link here if you want to have a look before reading this one.

I don't even know where to start with this book. I liked it even more than the first and cannot wait to finish off the series.
New faces were introduced in this book and, for the most part, I generally liked them.

Nesbitt is a bit of a comedic relief character and he makes me laugh- despite his bad jokes.
Van was cool and collected but I think that she's loyal to the cause and I like her.
One recurring character that popped up was Celia. Personally, I quite liked Celia so when she came back I was all kinds of excited. I'm pretty sure I actually did an air punch- that's how much I like her.
And Arran's back!! I loved Arran and am so glad that he's back! He's as kind and gentle as always and I think he's a much underestimated character.
My whole perception of Marcus changed in this book. From Half Bad, I got the idea that Marcus didn't really care for Nathan and didn't have any attachment to him. In reality, Marcus does care for Nathan- loves him even- and I've got to say; I loved their bond. Nathan and Marcus spent a lot of time together and they bonded really well. It was great to read them growing closer to each other. Their parting when Marcus dies was sad but I think it was for the best. Yes, the vision came true but it was mutually agreed and Marcus allowed Nathan to kill him- wanted him to kill him, even. They parted with 'I love yous' and it was sweet and heart-breaking. A lovely ending to their relationship- his father passing on his legacy.
Let's get on to Annalise... who I still don't like. No surprise there. Like I've said before, it's probably my loyalty to Gabriel that sways me to dislike her but, in this book, I just could not stand the girl. Nathan would not shut up about saving her and it did my head in! Get over her already! Can't you see that she's not the right person for you? (Gabriel-bias coming into play, I know).
I've always thought that Annalise is not the perfect match for Nathan. Yeah, they have a past together but they haven't seen each other for years and I honestly believe that they built each other up in their heads so much that they're in love with someone that doesn't exist- a fantasy based on a person they used to know.
One thing for sure is that they don't have an unconditional love and bond between them. Nathan refrains from telling her things from fear of tarnishing his reputation in front of her. That isn't love-they should accept each other for everything- flaws, weaknesses alike. But they didn't do that. they didn't tell each other things and they pretended to be people they weren't around each other. Annalise loves Nathan's 'white' side but refused to acknowledge his 'black' side. She only loved one half him, not all of him. They just don't suit at all. Annalise held Nathan back as he didn't want to do anything that would upset her. You shouldn't hide yourself to the person you love.
Gabriel on the other hand....
Gabriel loves all of Nathan! Good, bad. Black, white. And he sticks by him always. He's loyal and beautiful and I love him so much. Nathan and Gabriel confide everything to each other- they don't hold anything back and they're completely open with each other. That is true love!!! Gabriel is the one person that he trusts completely. Gabriel accepts Nathan how he is and that is what love should be.
Gabriel and Nathan for the win!!!
This book was so very good and I'm happy to be jumping straight into the conclusion.
Comment your thoughts.
Thanks for reading. See you soon,

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