Saturday, 14 May 2016

Bookish Pet Peeves (Part 2)

It's rant time! I decided it would be fun to do yet another Bookish Pet Peeves post because there are so many things I can have a good rant about. Plus, I'm sure a lot of agree with me! 
Stickers on Books
When bookstores put stickers on books... *inward fuming*.
Not only does it take forever to get off, it ruins the book by leaving sticky marks and left over pieces of sticker. It's a nightmare to get off!
Some, to be fair, are easy to get off. In one swipe, they're off and out your lives forever.
But there's always that one sticker that refuses to budge. It's stubborn in its place and will not move for the wide world. (Okay... I understand I'm exaggerating but, honestly, that's how it feels).
It's a very time-consuming and tedious process to try and get the stickers off without harming the book.

Is there anything worse than stickers on books?
Oh, yes, there is.
What's even worse is when a book has an advert that is sticker shaped but does not come off! These usually occur with movie notices or other books that are similar to that specific book.
Let's take my version of City of Bones that I own.
On the right side of the cover there's an advertisement of the movie City of Bones (which we all know flopped). This is not a sticker and will forever be on the book! Not only does it cover the front image and make the cover look ugly but the movie wasn't even a success! It failed miserably and so, every time I see this cover, I'm reminded of a terrible movie adaptation.
Someone needs to start a petition to ban stickers and advertisements from beautiful covers. Just an idea.

Thank you for listening to my rant! It's nice to get it off my chest. Do you guys agree?
Thanks for reading. See you soon,

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