Saturday, 5 May 2018

Thomas Sanders- Youtuber Recommendations

This is a little different to what I'd usually post but I've become obsessed with the Youtuber Thomas Sanders and need to let out my pent up fangirling and excitement.
Thomas does mainly comedy and music on his channel and it's awesome! He's such a great advocate for expressing your identity and diversity- whether it be differences in ethnicity, sexuality and genders.

And he is also the first person to make many many people utter the words "I love anxiety." Yes, I'm not even kidding.

Sanders Sides
My favourite videos that Thomas produces is his Sanders Side videos. Sanders Sides is similar to the concept of Inside Out where parts of his personality are personified and he has discussions with them over a variety of problems that arise in his life. These videos are absolutely hilarious but are also really uplifting and helpful. The dialogue is brillantly funny and also packs in a bunch of different fandom references throughout. It's also hard to believe that Thomas acts each and every character because they're so well acted that I forget that it's the same person.

My favourite character has to be Morality because he's the cutest, funniest and most adorable person ever and my second favourite might just be Anxiety- he's so sarcastic and cynical! I'll admit that I relate to Logic the most and Princey (creativity) is my least favourite character... sorry.
I'd recommend this series to everyone because they're amazing and I'll leave a link to the playlist down below so you can binge them all in one!
Sanders Sides Playlist
Moxiety Moments (an edit because I love the friendship between Morality and Anxiety)

Another thing about Thomas... that boy can sing!!! Thomas has such an amazing voice- he will definitely end up on Broadway some day- and some of his original songs are so beautiful and addictive. I'll say that my favourites are The Things We Used to Share along with two duets he did with Youtuber dodie which I loved: Birds and Dear Happy. I'll add in links for all those songs so you can check them out.
Songs Playlist

Vine Compilations
Thomas didn't originally start on YouTube but on Vine and, while Vine is pretty much dead now, Thomas stills posts compilations of short sketches each month and there are loads of other Vine compilations floating around YouTube. My favourites have to be the Narrating People's Lives and Misleading Compliments so I'll leave some links to some awesome compilations of these for you to enjoy.
Misleading Compliments Compilation
Narrating People's Lives Compilation

Reasons to Smile
Thomas' channel is amazing for a million other reasons but another series that I absolutely love is his Reasons to Smile videos. These are simply videos were he and some of his friends give us really great and amazing facts about the world that are guaranteed to make you smile. I think these videos sum up the whole philosophy of Thomas' channel; happiness, kindness and acceptance. So, if you're ever feeling down, check out these videos to give yourself a little cheer up.
Reasons to Smile Playlist

I love so many more of his videos but I won't bore you with them all now. So, if Thomas' channel sounds like something you'd be interested in, head over there immediately!! (You won't regret it).

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts- any Youtubers you'd like to recommend to me? Stay amazing!

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