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Half Lost- Sally Green BOOK TALK

This book was stunning and such a great and satisfying conclusion to the trilogy. This is the finale to the Half Bad trilogy and, wow, it out with a bang!
Half Bad is a series that follows witches, corrupt worlds and action. It's fast passed and full of intense and gripping scenes. I have BOOK TALKs for the first two books- Half Bad and Half Wild- so go and check them out if you haven't already. If any of this sounds interesting, I would definitely pick this book up.

My heart could not handle this ending! I was crying! But, first things first, I'll get into that later.
It upset me that Nathan had to grow through so much anger and grief. In the beginning stages of this book, he was working through a lot of anger- a lot, a lot- and most of it was aimed at Annalise- wanting to avenge his father. This didn't bother me to start with- be as mad at Annalise as you want- but it started to affect his relationship with Gabriel and that broke my heart. They fought, Nathan pushed him away and it made me feel so down when reading it!

The relief in me when Nathan came back to his senses was epic and it was great to see Nathan back to his old self.
I was gutted when Van died. I really liked her and felt so sorry for Nesbitt!! Nesbitt's the comic relief character of the series- sarcastic, jokey- and it's terrible to see him miss Van so much. In this book, we really got to see how close they were. In the end, I was happy that Nesbitt left and found a family for himself- he deserved it.
One thing that couldn't lodge out of my head was Ledger. She-he?- was an interesting character and kind of reminded me Luna Lovegood- just a tiny bit. But one thing that really messed with my mind was how she- I'm calling her a 'she'- could change into any form. It's not that I was confused by it because I wasn't. But no matter what form she was in, I pictured her as a girl. This got me a bit muddled up with the story when 'he' was mentioned and I assumed it was Nathan or Gabriel- not realising it was Ledger. Did any of that make sense? Hopefully.
I know I've disliked Annalise through all the books but she frustrated me most in this one. How did she keep getting away! She continuously slipped through their fingers and, boy, it was frustrating!! I just wanted her dead but they needed to catch her first! Having said that, I think that it was gripping and tense- making the book more enjoyable.
The highlight in this book for me was Gabriel and Nathan finally getting together (big surprise, right?). They're perfect for each other and it was great for Nathan to finally see that. All their scenes were amazing and it just made me feel all gooey inside! Beautiful!
The final battle and climactic scenes really worked well in my opinion. They had me on the edge of my seat and I was desperate to find out what happened.
The whole 'dome' palava was intense and boy, was I gripped when Nathan was trapped in the dome! I just wanted to yell at Nathan for being so cocky and stupid beforehand.
And also when Soul tried to control him!!! I could not read fast enough!! To my begrudging respect, Annalise helped 'save' him but that doesn't change the way I feel about her.
The saddest part of the book was the ending.... I could not handle it. I was sobbing whilst reading it. It tricked me completely as I thought Gabriel had survived but it was just a mind trick! I feel like that made it all the more worse. Gabriel's death shattered me- he was my favourite character!- and I was even more sorry for how Nathan took it. They were so young!! They were in love!!! *Falls onto the floor sobbing about how unfair it all is*
For some reason, it shocked me that Annalise was pregnant- I felt like I should have seen it coming.
And the ending killed me. Nathan was so consumed with grief that he literally did the witchy equivalent of killing himself.
When I first read it my reaction was literally me repeating the question 'A tree?' I could not process what he did and I was left with pure shock. (Although, I did find it kind of sweet that he wanted to live out his days with Gabriel- on top of his grave).
Yes, at times this series could be predictable but I was not expecting that!

One minor thing that caught my eye by the end was the book covers. Half Bad- A face (Nathan) Half Wild- A wolf (Nathan) and then Half Lost- A tree....(Nathan). At the time of realising that all the series' covers had Nathan on them, I had just finished the book and was hysterically laughing in between my sobs. It wasn't pretty.
Overall, an amazing trilogy and one I am not soon to forget.

I'm sorry if it took me while to write this book talk.
I was wounded, not lost.

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