Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Maze Runner Tag

1. Favourite glader?
This has to be Newt. He is such sarcastic but loyal friend. He is by far my favourite glader- if not my favourite character in the whole series.

2. Teresa or Brenda?

3. WICKED or The Right Arm?
To be honest, I don't like either of them.... so, I 'll go with WICKED as they have a cool acronym for their name.

4. Thomas, Minho or Newt?
As Newt is my favourite character... Newt! But my second choice would be Minho all the way. Sorry, Thomas.

5. Which book was your favourite?
The Scorch Trials- I found it the most entertaining. The first one was slow to get into while I found the last one dragged at times. Definitely The Scorch Trials.

6. Do you like the cast for the movie?
It's fairly good. They could've done a lot worse. (Plus, I love Dylan O'Brien)!

7. Favourite member of group B?
Does Aris count as a part of Group B? If so, Aris.

8. Have you/are you going to read The Kill Order?
Have read it and enjoyed it. It was an interesting addition to the series.

9. Least favourite book of the series?
The Death Cure- it dragged too much for me. Not to mention the deaths...

10. Favourite quote?
I think it has to be the dialogue between Minho and Newt.
Minho: Shouldn't someone give a pep talk or something?
Newt: Go ahead.
Minho: Be careful. Don't die.
Newt: Great. We're all bloody inspired.
This has to be the best quote from these books! There are countless awesome and sassy quotes from this series but, in my opinion, that tops it.

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